So you want to build a new home but you're not sure about all the residential codes, permits, or really the process in general. What do you do next? The easiest solution would be to consult a construction firm that specialises in demolition. Building a new home where an old one once stood, involves a lot of technicalities that require knowledge and experience with the process. A demolition expert can help you with this process, ensuring you meet all requirements and your home is rebuilt in a timely manner.

The following is a step-by-step guide to what is required in a residential demolition and rebuild project so read more information below:

Rebuild Plans

The very first step you should take is having your rebuild plans clearly defined. The easiest and most efficient way to do this is to work with a professional who is familiar with the regulations in your neighbourhood. Your building plans are essentially the foundation for your new build.

Asbestos Clearance

Your city will require that you provide written consent that your building site is asbestos free before providing you with a demolition permit. Your demolition contractor will arrange for an asbestos consult. Should you have asbestos, you will need to arrange removal services and then get written confirmation that you are asbestos free. Providing the confirmation letter and your written consent will allow your application to run smoothly.

Time to Get a Permit

With your building plans and asbestos free confirmation letter in hand, you may now apply for the demolition permit. Be sure that you've also had your utilities properly disconnected from the home, your utility company will provide you with more details on the process and confirmation for your permit application.

Approval for a demolition permit can take a few weeks, as the city will have to ensure that the plans you've provided fit the regulations and codes of your neighbourhood.

Out With the Old

Once you've received your permit, your demolition contractor will be able to begin the demolition process. This is typically a one-day job to knock down unless you have a fairly large home. Upon receipt of the permit, you will be given an exact timeline for your project.

In With the New

The final and most exciting item is the construction of your new home. After your old home has been demolished, debris has been removed, and a surveyor has given clearance to begin your dig to set the foundation, the construction of your home will begin.

Contact a local professional for more information.